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I'm tired of drama

So I have declared that this little space of the internet is now THE SNUGGLENET!

Everyone needs to post pictures of cute animals. No fighting. No arguing. Just cute animals and hugs all around. I have made this post public so that anyone can see and comment.

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It's dream time e_e

I've been having more nightmares lately, I think it's the whole having trouble sleeping plus my period that's doing it. Fun.

So here's the lovely image I woke up with this morning.

I don't remember most of the dream. There was something like two airplanes and they were like huge, fancy airplanes that apparently you can have something like a giant bedroom on. I dunno. And there was something going on between the two, some fight or something, I don't remember. What I do remember is waves and waves of fish in this one room. Just continually sloshing about. And then there's these two women, both standing in front of a toilet, one behind the other. The one in front is dangerously pregnant, ready to pop, and screaming her head off as the one behind her is furiously tossing bucket after bucket of what I first thought was dirt through her legs and into the toilet. Then the second lady stops and starts dragging the screaming pregnant woman back to a couch and the dark stuff keeps trickling out of the pregnant woman and it turns out that it's fish roe. And there are mounds and mounds of fish roe piled in the room around them and it just keeps leaking out of the pregnant woman as she screams and cries. I'm not sure how it's magically turning into full grown fish, but at some point in the room it decides to do that. And there's a dog in the room, a little wire haired jack russel, and the second woman is like "Jack. Try not to eat ANY of this." at him. And then I woke up.


I also want to know why my Grandpa Darling's house in my dreams is always huge and scary. His house was literally a two story log house with a basement. 2nd floor was two bedrooms and a bathroom, first floor was the kitchen, living room, my grandparent's bedroom and their attached bathroom, and the basement was just the bar and the garage. So the night before last I had a dream that Pat and I were driving around and came across my grandfather's house (though it was directly on the side of the road and my Grandpa's quarter mile long driveway begs to differ on that detail) and we knocked on the door and I did the "Excuse me, my Grandfather used to live here. Do you mind if we take a look around?" and they let us in and it's always a nice simple living room, but for some reason the log walls are gone. And there's white carpet and white couches instead of the brown leather couches. Whatever, normal enough. But then I always start exploring and there's always "wings" which completely makes sense in a two story log cabin in Vermont. But there's this one wing and staircase I wasn't supposed to go in/up and I always do because I'm stupid. I don't remember where I ended up this time but usually I go into this bedroom and there's a closet and it's like.. the forbidden closet or something because I always get so freaked out when I have to open it. But I do and there's just shelves and shelves of toys and junk, but it's so ominous and evil. I don't fucking know what's up with it. Or I end up in what my brain calls "The Opera Room" and it's this big room filled with rows and rows of benches that go down in stairs to this little center stage. The floor is carpeted in red and there's usually a coffin or some type of container on this stage. I don't remember what happens when I get close to the stage but omfg I'm tearing up right now so I know it's not good.

So.. yeah.. those are some of the nightmares I've been having. The house one has been recurring for a while but I don't remember when it started. I don't think it was till a long while after my Grandpa died though. :/ But yeah, not fun, not pleasant.


Pictures from today ^^ Hotel, room, and the aquarium. We also wandered around quincy market and general downtown but no pictures from that.

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I was going to put commentary on some of them but holy shit no. Not after setting up all that. If you have a question about a certain picture just put the link and ask. And sorry about the flash for most of the aquarium pictures, it was really darkly lit.

Also, at the front of the hotel, see the guy by the car with the snazzy hat? That's our bellhop.
Also, post is public so I don't have to repost all over facebook.


Friends list cleaning

I cut the following people
Leave a comment if you truly want to stay on my fl for some reason.

Cleared out a bunch of communities too.

Also, Diana, why the fuck didn't you leave me a comment saying you added me? Anyway, you're added back. So now you can actually see my entries now.

hocrap a public post

I found out more about the lj boycott thing
I'll definitely be (trying) to participate in it.

If anyone doing business with me (ie. sales, trades, whatnot) is looking for me, as I know I had a good deal of "hold till friday"s, I will be gone from tonight at 8 EST to Friday night 8 EST

I'll get back to anyone needing me after that.
OR! Shoot me an email at Raycoli@gmail.com

Giant fucking picture post

I'm gonna post ALL the pictures I took from today's meet here and just post select ones in various comms and direct people here if they want to see the rest. Cuz there's a shit ton. I'm gonna post comments and shit in a FO post though, because its my journal and FUCK YOUUUU xD

WARNING: Plush, Illustrated, and photographed NUDITY contained within, also some very blasphemous stuff concerning a Jesus stuffed-animal thing O.o (though near the end, so if you want to see the rest just stop scrolling when you reach the part where we're in someone's room.)

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I've been wanting to type some of this up

Beginning-middle of EPIC story. I can't write things in order (Ironic since I refuse to read/watch/do anything out of order). I actually do have a bit of the beginning, but this part is what I'm working on the most right now so I have an urge to type it up. Oh! And there are typos because I typed most of it looking at my book, not the screen, and I'm too lazy to go through and spell check at this point.

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I've been watching Elisabeth again >.>

But it told me some more about Sebastian (if he'd ever get here -_-) I'll edit this post instead of making a new one when I get it all typed up.

Okay, it turned into a mini-story rather than actual character info... but it gives you a small glimpse of all three of the characters and I'm actually pretty proud of it.

His name was MayerlingCollapse )